Developmental patterns, tourist infrastructure, and systems of food production have long contributed to changing migratory patterns of seabirds. Mischievous and brazen, seagulls are the representative urban companion species of Finland. These birds fly great distances to coordinate surgically precise aerial assaults on unsuspecting tourists. Native Finns, who named the seagull after the Norse god, Loki, have adopted a defensive tolerance for the various species that have historically occupied the country. However, overfishing, pollution, and climate change have spiked a rapid decline in populations in recent years.
Lokki is the playful speculation of a minimally invasive intervention on a central transportation hub to bring gulls and the city in more productive proximity. The Central Railway Station is the heart of Helsinki and infrastructurally connects to the entirety of the country. In a series of vignettes, the project establishes new relationships of information and exchange that leverages this vibrant space. The proposal not only facilitates avenues of economy, but also enriches human and nonhuman relations within the urban fabric.
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